"...I have been amazed at witnessing her alchemy - transforming my messy ideas into polished and meaningful content that still sounds like it came from me..." - Alicyn Mcleod, CPA, CFP®

What’s the most important step in writing a masterpiece? Editing! Even the world’s best writers have to review, revise and revamp; that’s how they end up with a final product that can reach across genres and generations, captivating countless readers. Maybe you’re not interested in writing the next great American novel; do you still need an eagle eye editing your words? Absolutely.

Every kind of written content, from the simplest announcement to the most technical white paper, benefits from a thorough approach to editing. And while a good writer can often edit his or her own work quite well, no writer can proofread that same content effectively. It’s an unfortunate fact that we see what we intended to write, not the words that are actually on the page. So your best, most carefully drafted pieces are liable to contain typos or omissions that don’t reflect the overall quality of the work.

Proof Positive Content provides a full range of editing and proofreading services to ensure your content appears at its best. Whether you just want another set of eyes to review a polished piece or need full editing to showcase your great ideas (the ones currently mired in a sea of less-than-perfect sentences), we’re here to help. But don’t worry; editing doesn’t have to mean losing your distinctive voice. Our clients consistently express surprise and pleasure at the way we let their own style shine by improving - not changing - their content.

If you’re a confident writer who loves to create with words, we feel you! And if you don’t happen to love writing, we understand that too. Either way, we’ll help you find exactly the right words to perfectly express your ideas and connect with your audience.

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