Heather Kunz | Manager of Marketing and Business Development

Williams Benator & Libby, LLP

"Sarah was an incomparable resource for our accounting firm when we wanted to update our website. She provided insightful advice on best practices, wrote concise and engaging content and was a thoughtful, knowledgeable editor. She is a pleasure to work with and I appreciate all her contributions to our new and improved site."

Richard Stokes | IT Consulting

Network 1 Consulting

"We have had the pleasure of working with Sarah for several years now at Network 1 and she is one of the best writers and editors we have come in to contact with. She is an invaluable part of our team and has undoubtedly saved us countless hours of time in creating content or scrubbing it for grammar. Sarah has also helped us with our marketing strategy and has provided valuable input and insight into what would work best for us. Results matter and because of her skills and expertise, Sarah has helped us achieve tremendous results in our marketing."

Kyle Henn | Marketing Manager

Halt Buzas & Powell, LTD

"Sarah has been wonderful to work with. She was able to gather enough information to write spectacular employee bios from people who typically are very reserved, let alone when talking about themselves, and she has brought them to life through her words. She has also been able help articulate what it is exactly our firm does while preserving our uniqueness. Sarah is also a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to continuing to work with her on future projects as we build our brand."

Alicyn McLeod, CPA, CFP | Partner

Atlanta Tax

"I had the website. I knew the message I wanted it to convey. What I didn't know was how to say everything in a way that would resonate with my audience while still being "me". Sarah was instrumental in getting my message across in a professional, yet approachable style. As Sarah has continued to help me with other projects, I have been amazed at witnessing her alchemy - transforming my messy ideas into polished and meaningful content that still sounds like it came from me. Thank you, Sarah!"

Gail Rockburne | President

Global Sales Growth LLC.

"Whether you are developing a brand or enhancing it, I would highly recommend that you hire a seasoned writing consultant like Sarah Warlick to build your internet presence. Sarah’s quick ability to understand your business and communications style were key factors in building Global Sales Growth’s internet brand. Sarah always parks her ego at the door so that the client’s communications style shines. She also takes pride in exceeding your deadline expectations."

Kelly Googe Lucas

Creative Marketing Strategist & Consultant

"Sarah is hands down one of the best writers, if not THE best writer, I've had the pleasure to know. She has an uncanny ability to take what seems like a very basic idea and pull an interesting anecdote and craft an intelligent story around it. Along with her incredible writing skills, Sarah has a quick wit that is wonderful and makes working with her so much fun."

Reyes Rosheuvel | Marketing Coordinator

Renaissance Tile & Bath

"Sarah is one of those rare chameleon writers that is able to adapt to numerous writing environments. Whether humorous, serious, informative or uppity she is always able to conjure a well-written piece that will capture your attention and keep you coming back for more. The best part is that I don't have to spend a lot of time explaining what I want."

Faye Sykes, CLTC, NSSA | CEO

Scarlet Oak Financial Services

"Sarah is by far the best writer I have ever met. She has helped write content for both of my companies through blog posts to content for my websites. Sarah will do the extra research to validate and ensure that all information is current and timely. I would highly recommend Sarah for any type of writing, editing that you may need. Believe me she will ensure that you look professional and well written!"

Dana Brown

MVT Capital, LLC

"I wish I had recognized earlier the benefits of investing in professional writing services, specifically from Proof Positive Content. After working with the firm to complete two projects, I now realize the value and efficiency of not having to struggle with finding the right words and endlessly editing and re-editing my own copy. Sarah helped me clarify exactly what I wanted to communicate and then articulated it with clarity and ease."

Madison Rojo

Freelance Artist

"I've worked with Sarah for a few years now and she's always very reliable with writing. I currently use her for proofreading and she's been a great help to me in that department. She is also very quick with the turnaround time which I also appreciate."

Stacy Dreher | Firm Marketing Director

James Moore Certified Public Accountants

“Sarah did a fantastic job creating content for our firm’s technology website.  I especially liked the light-hearted and conversational tone she used to develop the content. I will be using her again for future projects and I highly recommend her!”

Tom Legens | Chief Executive Officer

WebArc Technologies

“I've had the opportunity to work with Sarah over the past couple of years and I'm always amazed at what she can do with words. Sarah is a gifted writer with what seems to be a natural ability to communicate the meaning of a topic with very little effort. I often send Sarah articles before I publish them and I'm always amazed by what she can do with my own words. Sarah never disappoints and I'd highly recommend her for your next writing project.”