Social Media Management

"Results matter and because of her skills and expertise, Sarah has helped us achieve tremendous results in our marketing." - Richard Stokes

Social media is an amazing tool. It allows even the smallest firms to compete with well-known names that have entire marketing departments working to promote their brand. You know how important it is to keep your firm’s name in front of current and potential clients’ eyes, but you’re a busy professional with clients to serve and a firm to run. Should you really be investing your valuable time wrangling social media platforms?

Social media management services from Proof Positive Content allow you to maintain a high profile in the digital spaces where your audience spends time, without distracting you from the high-level work that truly demands your personal attention. We take on the time-consuming tasks of sourcing content, monitoring and posting on each of your social media platforms, so you can reap the benefits of an active presence without losing focus on what’s most important.

We start by consulting with you to learn about your particular focus and the issues that affect your clients. Then we constantly scour the internet to source relevant content that captures the attention of potential clients and demonstrates your awareness of the issues that matter to them. Each week, you’ll receive a list of suggested articles from many different online publications, all designed to educate, inform and entertain your audience. Each suggestion is accompanied by thoughtful comments to encourage discussion and add your perspective, reminding readers how valuable it is to have you in their corner.

Once you’ve approved the content, we schedule it at strategic times for sharing on your social media profiles so you’re always active and getting the maximum possible exposure. We’ll also monitor your profiles to recognize and thank those who engage by retweeting or sharing your content. And of course, we include your own content whenever possible, so you’re getting the most value from the articles you create.

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