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As the New Year picks up steam, many accounting firms begin considering a website refresh. That means, if history is any guide, that we’ll soon be seeing a fresh batch of WordPress sites built on the Avada theme. Not that the project is likely to get underway soon – with tax season just about to gear up, most of these rebuilds remain in the conceptual stage until summer or fall. It’s a fine approach, giving the firm time to turn over ideas and generate a clear strategy before it’s time to start the heavy lifting.

While there are a number of popular website platforms, WordPress is the strong leader. And of the millions of businesses that choose WordPress as the home for their online content, a good number choose to build their sites with the help of one of the many themes available for the platform. If your firm is building a WordPress site from scratch then this discussion doesn’t apply. But if a theme will be part of your new site, consider the merits of choosing one that helps your site stand out.

Accounting firms have a deep and abiding love for the Avada theme. There’s no shortage of justification for that passion, considering Avada’s good looks, versatility and strong customer support. On the other hand, does your firm really want to hop on a bandwagon that’s already carrying so many of your closest competitors?

Like most high-quality themes, Avada is almost infinitely customizable; sharing a theme with other firms definitely doesn’t mean your website has to look just like theirs. However, there is an undeniable resemblance that savvy web users pick up on when they visit multiple sites built on the same theme. So although you don’t have to reject Avada out of hand, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to check out a few other options.

Here are a few standouts from the many, many alternatives available to WordPress users. Each one is attractive and responsive, so your website can look good no matter what device visitors are using to visit you online.

  • Spencer – this premium website theme offers SEO readiness, a plethora of helpful tools (like support for multiple drag-and-drop page builders) and good compatibility with plugins.
  • Excellent – for firms with a high level of social media activity, Excellent might be an ideal choice. It comes with WooCommerce integration as well as the option to incorporate social media feeds in sidebars. Oh yeah – it’s free and SEO-ready to boot.
  • Hestia – it’s highly rated and feature-rich, not to mention fast and SEO-friendly. Hestia also offers video tutorials to help newbies build their own site without experience in site development.
  • Fagri – flexibility and SEO-readiness are among Fagri’s strengths, plus it allows site owners to integrate newsletter functionality. It’s also lightweight, so it won’t jam up your server.

Don’t love any of these? No problem! This is only a tiny taste of the themes out there. Take a look around and you’ll be sure to find something that does exactly what you want to accomplish. And if you’ve searched until you’re over the whole thing, there’s always Avada. Everyone loves it.

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