Where should accounting firms focus their social media efforts?

social media marketing

Even as more people question social media’s potential to negatively impact mental health, child development and personal relationships, the number of daily users continues to grow. How should accounting firms adjust their social media marketing efforts in the face of this ambiguity around the platforms we’ve all come to love (and hate)? Using social media…

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The punctuation puzzle that is President(?) Day

presidents day

Today is a holiday; that much we know. But what exactly is that holiday called? Is it President’s Day? Presidents’ Day? Presidents Day? Or something else entirely? It all started with George Washington, who was born in 1731 – or maybe 1732. The holiday we celebrate on the third Monday in February began as a…

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What to expect from Google’s redesigned Search Console

Google search console changes

For years, site managers have relied on Google Search Console to monitor and improve their websites’ performance on the world’s most popular search engine. The information there includes search metrics, reports on site indexing by Google’s web crawlers, and all kinds of other helpful tidbits. Google made significant alterations and expansions to this console during…

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