Decimating news from the front lines of language

what does decimate mean

The English language holds no shortage of pitfalls for writers. With so many cognates and words that are almost-but-not-quite the same, it’s no wonder that mistakes riddle our communications. Sometimes these errors are accidental; other times the misuse reflects a downright ornery refusal to stick within accepted usage guidelines. Editors may sneer, proof-readers pooh-pooh, and…

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SEO for accounting firms is more than keywords

page rank

Ranking high in online search results is one of the primary marketing goals for businesses of every kind. As the largest and most frequently used search engine, Google decides who makes the cut and who’s relegated to the lower recesses of search listings, never to be found by most users. And since Google assigns page…

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17 Naked celebrities! Or: What Google really wants

Google algorithm update

Has your website shown a sudden improvement in page rank? If so, you may be one of the beneficiaries of Google’s most recent algorithm update. Like the changes in March and April of this year, this is a broad core algorithm update that tweaks page ranking data in order to deliver better search results. In…

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