Hyphenation help for business writers


Every professional wants to produce grammatically correct, perfectly punctuated business communications, in everything from email to blog posts. And yet, those little nit-picky issues that you just don’t know how to deal with can pose a challenge. Hyphenation is a frequent point of confusion; since some compound words call for a hyphen and others don’t,…

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Alexa’s getting brain augmentation

Alexa Yext

Amazon is making a move that could strengthen your firm’s presence inside millions of kitchens and living rooms. Today the company announced a relationship with Yext, Inc. that will change the way Amazon’s popular digital assistant, Alexa, receives and delivers information about local businesses. Until now, Alexa has drawn on information gathered from Yelp to…

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What’s the deal with headline capitalization?

capitalize headlines

If you’ve noticed a whole lot of variation in capitalization patterns for headlines and article titles lately, you’re not imagining things. Whereas there used to be a couple of standard styles that most publications adhered to, today’s wide variability can leave a person wondering if there’s even a right way and a wrong way to…

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Farewell to Google AdWords

Google Adwords becomes Google Ads

…but not to Google Ads. Never fear, parent company Alphabet has no intention of abdicating its role as a pay-per-click advertising powerhouse. And why should it? AdWords generated over $95 billion of the corporate giant’s total advertising revenue in 2017. So what’s really changing here? Nothing more than the name. As of July 24th, the…

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