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Archive for March 2018

Your firm is not the solution

Does your firm proudly announce itself as a solutions provider? You’re not alone. In fact, ‘solutions’ is now right near the top of the trendy, overused buzzwords list. I’m sorry to be the one to break the news, but this word has joined the ranks of leverage, synergy and other wildly successful business terms that…

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What does Facebook know about you? You may be surprised

With Facebook looming large in the news, everyone is wondering whether they were part of the Cambridge Analytic data set that is currently in focus. Whether or not you were involved in that particular incident, you’ll probably be amazed to learn just how much information you’ve given Facebook. When users of the biggest social networking…

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Embiggen Yourself!

Next time someone reminds you to use your words, you’ll have a few more to choose from. More than a few actually, because Merriam Webster has added a fresh batch of 850 officially sanctioned “real” English words to the dictionary. As any linguist or casual wordie knows, language isn’t a static phenomenon. It’s always shifting…

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