Where should accounting firms focus their social media efforts?

social media marketing

Even as more people question social media’s potential to negatively impact mental health, child development and personal relationships, the number of daily users continues to grow. How should accounting firms adjust their social media marketing efforts in the face of this ambiguity around the platforms we’ve all come to love (and hate)? Using social media…

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Goodbye comes sooner than expected for Google+

google plus shuts down

For Google+ users, the end is at hand. Google has decided on an earlier shutdown date than originally planned for their not-too-successful social media platform, following a second major data breach announced in December. As of today, the company plans to shut down the consumer site beginning April 2, 2019. (The platform – or some…

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The demise of Google+


Google+ is slated for the dustbins of digital history, and not a minute too soon. Unlike Myspace, which languishes on to this day after being overtaken by Facebook, Google+ faces a clean end point – one that should have come years ago. By the end of August 2019, Google parent company Alphabet will officially shutter…

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Secure your firm’s Facebook page after the latest security breach

facebook data breach

Facebook’s most recent data breach has left millions of people wondering if their accounts are compromised. Here’s what we know so far through Facebook’s initial statement and subsequent updates: “On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 25, our engineering team discovered a security issue affecting almost 50 million accounts. […] Our investigation is still in its…

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5 reasons your firm needs a robust social media presence

benefits of social media

Social media is a powerful business tool that accounting firms are often quick to dismiss as an extra. We’ll do it when we have more room in the budget and more staff, say firm leaders. Secretly, many still harbor doubts about its value and may even consider it an unseemly dive into pop culture that’s…

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What does Facebook know about you? You may be surprised

With Facebook looming large in the news, everyone is wondering whether they were part of the Cambridge Analytic data set that is currently in focus. Whether or not you were involved in that particular incident, you’ll probably be amazed to learn just how much information you’ve given Facebook. When users of the biggest social networking…

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What Facebook’s New Algorithm Really Means for Your Firm

Facebook created a tizzy among social media marketers when the platform’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, announced big changes to the way content would be prioritized in news feeds. As part of a major push to improve the network’s quality and reputation, Facebook is “rebalancing” the articles, videos and advertisements that users see. Advertisements and content published…

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Is Facebook the Next LinkedIn?

LinkedIn stands apart from other social media sites, because it has staked out ground as the only true professional networking platform. With over 500 million users, the site has become a must for professionals who hope to be taken seriously – whether or not they’re currently seeking a new position. It seems that Facebook has…

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Bigger Tweets vs. Better Tweets

Twitter’s experiment with doubling the character limit for tweets took the social media world by surprise. Twice the tweet-power! Who would have thought? After training ourselves to limit tweets to a terse 140 characters, the freedom to fill a newly expanded 280-character allotment sounds downright luxurious. Now the lucky test group are allowed to say…

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Jump into the Social Media Pool

Social media is a relatively new phenomenon, and for accounting professionals it can seem like a vast and confusing sea of platforms and tactics. That’s not surprising, considering how many ways there are to use and benefit from social media. If you’re among those who find the whole thing a bit intimidating, here’s a primer…

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