Same word + new meaning = different confusion

Nonbinary pride flag

Happy 2020! It’s the start of a brand-new decade that’s sure to bring changes we can’t yet imagine. Turning points like this inspire language observers of every ilk to focus on how our common lexicon has evolved during the past ten years. Various language-focused organizations revealed their selections for 2019 Word of the Year (WOTY)…

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Feeling blue

blue color swatches

As we approach the start of a new decade, many of us can’t shake an unsettled feeling. Whether the anxieties stem from global threats like climate change, civic turmoil or a more personal concern, Pantone offers a solution in the form of its Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue. Classic Blue is the equivalent…

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What’s in a name? More people than you may expect

dunce cap

New words enter the English lexicon in all kinds of ways. They may originate in slang, migrate in from other languages, expand from regional dialects or even morph from brand names into general terminology (e.g. Kleenex, Xerox, Jell-o, Band-Aid, and Google as a verb). Some transition from the name of an inventor or researcher into…

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When vowels change: The Great Vowel Shift

great vowel shift

What would you do if you woke up one morning and heard the people around you speaking a familiar language, but differently? If all their utterances made sense but were spoken…wrong, somehow, it could feel disorienting at the least. That’s more or less what happened in southern England during the 15th and 16th centuries during…

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How cats are like your marketing slogans (and how to fix it)

marketing slogans

In honor of the day, we’ve invited a special guest blogger to share his unique marketing insights. While we haven’t yet adopted his strategies (in part due to child labor laws), we applaud his commitment to strong branding. By Roger Warlick Has your business found a great slogan to market its strengths, only to have…

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Making the case for case studies


Case studies are among the most valuable tactics an accounting firm can adopt to enhance marketing. They’re often treated as nice extras to be added at some vague date in the future, but that’s a mistake. A well-written case study comes across as authentic, relatable, and highly readable. Even one case study gives such veracity…

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6 ways to use video on your website


Video is good for SEO. That’s a well-supported fact that most firm leaders recognize by now. What they often don’t see is how to use video naturally and effectively, so that it supports and complements other content. Sure, there’s the ubiquitous “Welcome to the firm” video on the homepage, but beyond that many site owners…

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The secret life of ink


If you’re in one of the professional services, you probably don’t think a lot about ink. You know – the stuff that fills pens and printer cartridges and seems to cost more than it should. Fun fact: you’re not imagining those exorbitant prices. Ounce for ounce, ink costs more than blood on the open market.…

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Where should accounting firms focus their social media efforts?

social media marketing

Even as more people question social media’s potential to negatively impact mental health, child development and personal relationships, the number of daily users continues to grow. How should accounting firms adjust their social media marketing efforts in the face of this ambiguity around the platforms we’ve all come to love (and hate)? Using social media…

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