The punctuation puzzle that is President(?) Day

presidents day

Today is a holiday; that much we know. But what exactly is that holiday called? Is it President’s Day? Presidents’ Day? Presidents Day? Or something else entirely? It all started with George Washington, who was born in 1731 – or maybe 1732. The holiday we celebrate on the third Monday in February began as a…

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What to expect from Google’s redesigned Search Console

Google search console changes

For years, site managers have relied on Google Search Console to monitor and improve their websites’ performance on the world’s most popular search engine. The information there includes search metrics, reports on site indexing by Google’s web crawlers, and all kinds of other helpful tidbits. Google made significant alterations and expansions to this console during…

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Goodbye comes sooner than expected for Google+

google plus shuts down

For Google+ users, the end is at hand. Google has decided on an earlier shutdown date than originally planned for their not-too-successful social media platform, following a second major data breach announced in December. As of today, the company plans to shut down the consumer site beginning April 2, 2019. (The platform – or some…

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For a website that stands out, look beyond Avada

wordpress theme

As the New Year picks up steam, many accounting firms begin considering a website refresh. That means, if history is any guide, that we’ll soon be seeing a fresh batch of WordPress sites built on the Avada theme. Not that the project is likely to get underway soon – with tax season just about to…

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Happy Public Domain Day!

public domain day

Yes, we have no bananas! No bananas, perhaps, but we do have access to a fun song with plenty more where that came from. January 1, 2019 marks a major event – and no, it’s not just another chance to make good on resolutions. Sure, you can save money, organize your home and lose all…

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The color of the future

living coral

As we settle in for the cozy Christmas season and prepare for winter holidays with family, some among us are already focused on next year. They’re telling us about tax changes, predicting weather and economic patterns, and most importantly, selecting the official color of the year for 2019. In case you haven’t heard, the Pantone…

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Beyond the blog

content marketing

Publishing a regular blog is a fantastic way to share useful knowledge and demonstrate your firm’s thought leadership. Perfect for sharing everything from timely tax tips to brief discussions of niche-specific trends and insights on dealing with persistent challenges, the blog format lets professional service firms connect and communicate with their audience. But why stop…

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Stand up to stand out

vertical video

Video is a hot trend that’s continuing to gain traction in the content marketing arena. The latest twist is one that’s super simple but makes a surprisingly big impact. If you want your video to get more views, just go vertical! Can the orientation of a video really make a meaningful difference? That’s such a…

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Business card basics

business card basics

Marketing has changed dramatically in the digital age. Novel technologies and tactics abound, from a vast array of social media platforms to webcasts, do-it-yourself video and more. But for all that’s new and different, some classic tools retain their traditional position at the core of your marketing strategy. After all, what good is a fancy…

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The right fit may be a misfit

hiring the right fit

When searching for the perfect candidate, accounting firms almost invariably talk about finding someone with the right fit in addition to the required complement of professional skills. What does “fit” really mean? While it varies to a degree between firms, most people are hoping to find a talented professional who will match the existing team’s…

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