Choose carefully when selecting branded giveaways

branded giveaways

Those little tchotchkes that firms hand out at conferences and events can go a long way to keeping the firm’s name high in the minds of recipients. Giveaway items like notepads, squeezy balls and all the rest are usually chosen for their broad appeal and utility. The theory is that functional gifts get wide use,…

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5 reasons your firm needs a robust social media presence

benefits of social media

Social media is a powerful business tool that accounting firms are often quick to dismiss as an extra. We’ll do it when we have more room in the budget and more staff, say firm leaders. Secretly, many still harbor doubts about its value and may even consider it an unseemly dive into pop culture that’s…

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Combine and Conquer

Content marketing is effective beyond a shadow of doubt, yet this wildly popular business development technique is also frequently misunderstood. Firm leaders often falsely believe that they must make a choice between two competing approaches: a traditional outbound marketing strategy or content marketing. In truth, the two create maximum success when marketers use them in…

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The mysterious linking verb revealed

What are linking verbs and why do they matter? Most of us remember the term vaguely from school but can’t say much more about this part of speech. No need for embarrassment though, because you almost certainly use linking verbs correctly without even thinking about it. There are a few commonly used phrases that sound…

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