Goodbye comes sooner than expected for Google+

google plus shuts down

For Google+ users, the end is at hand. Google has decided on an earlier shutdown date than originally planned for their not-too-successful social media platform, following a second major data breach announced in December. As of today, the company plans to shut down the consumer site beginning April 2, 2019. (The platform – or some…

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For a website that stands out, look beyond Avada

wordpress theme

As the New Year picks up steam, many accounting firms begin considering a website refresh. That means, if history is any guide, that we’ll soon be seeing a fresh batch of WordPress sites built on the Avada theme. Not that the project is likely to get underway soon – with tax season just about to…

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Happy Public Domain Day!

public domain day

Yes, we have no bananas! No bananas, perhaps, but we do have access to a fun song with plenty more where that came from. January 1, 2019 marks a major event – and no, it’s not just another chance to make good on resolutions. Sure, you can save money, organize your home and lose all…

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