Supreme Court Rulings Bring Questions and Opportunity

The back-to-back rulings from the US Supreme Court regarding the Affordable Care Act and same sex marriage aren’t just conversation points. These two long-awaited decisions have a direct and immediate effect on the lives millions of Americans, and on the financial and legal professionals who serve them. These rulings have a major impact on areas…

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How Long Is Too Long for Bios?

best length for a professional bio

Figuring out the best length for a professional bio isn’t always a straightforward matter. Based on the wide variation one sees on firm websites, it seems like there are no rules! You can find professional bios in every imaginable length, from single lines to detailed compilations that require many hundreds of words. But while there’s…

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Cautionary Tales from the Candidates

Ah, election season. So much to entertain, and so little to take seriously. Yet even amidst the hilarity and absurdity, there are useful lessons to be found. Chief among the most obvious at this point is the very simple but important advice you’ve often heard from us (and no doubt from others): Secure the web…

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