Little-known holidays provide marketing opportunities for CPA firms


It’s the birthday season! Well, it is in my household anyway. Our family celebrates the holidays that matter to us, and your firm can take the same approach. For example, April is Records and Information Management Month, and the third week is Organize Your Files Week. Given that the third week in April includes Tax Day, you’ve probably got your hands full for the moment. But lesser-known holidays and designated months or weeks like this offer perfect opportunities to connect with existing clients and reach out to target audiences.

There are obscure holidays and themes all year around, some of which are especially relevant to accounting. Paying attention to unusual designations for days, weeks and months is a fun way to build your brand while encouraging awareness of your services. There’s no limit to the ways you can take note of those special times:

  • Send cards to clients and prospects
  • Share a blog post focused on the topic
  • Make a big deal of the day/week/month on social media
  • Host an open house
  • Schedule a lunch and learn event
  • Educate students on the subject
  • Volunteer to provide training or assistance
  • Put together a special newsletter
  • Hand out branded giveaways related to the topic

If you ask your team for suggestions you’re sure to get a wealth of additional ideas that mesh perfectly with the holiday, whatever it might be. And you might be surprised by just how many of these days exist. Pick any time of year and it’s a good bet there’s a holiday of sorts to complement your firm’s focus. With a little creativity, it’s easy to develop these themes into all sorts of content, events and accounting-focused education. A few of the 2019/2020 dates your firm might want to consider are:

May 20th is National Be a Millionaire Day

June 1st is the Global Day of Parents

July 15th is National Give Something Away Day and the 28th is National Parents’ Day

August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day

September 22nd is Business Women’s Day

October 12th is National Savings Day; October 20th-27th is National Retirement Security Week

November 10th is International Accounting Day, the 19th is National Entrepreneur’s Day, and the Saturday after Thanksgiving is Small Business Saturday

December’s second Sunday is International Children’s Day

January 13th is Make Your Dream Come True Day and the 26th is National Spouses Day

February 6th is Safer Internet Day

March 29th is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

April … well, you probably don’t need any insight into important dates in April

Accounting marketing doesn’t always have to be serious. Capitalize on the days that strike your fancy (Penguin Awareness Day is January 10th!) or holidays that spotlight your services with marketing initiatives that help educate and inform. Either way, you can have a good time tying these themes to the value of what you provide for clients and strengthening your brand in the process.

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Sarah Warlick

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