Feeling blue

blue color swatches

As we approach the start of a new decade, many of us can’t shake an unsettled feeling. Whether the anxieties stem from global threats like climate change, civic turmoil or a more personal concern, Pantone offers a solution in the form of its Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue. Classic Blue is the equivalent…

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How cats are like your marketing slogans (and how to fix it)

marketing slogans

In honor of the day, we’ve invited a special guest blogger to share his unique marketing insights. While we haven’t yet adopted his strategies (in part due to child labor laws), we applaud his commitment to strong branding. By Roger Warlick Has your business found a great slogan to market its strengths, only to have…

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Happy Public Domain Day!

public domain day

Yes, we have no bananas! No bananas, perhaps, but we do have access to a fun song with plenty more where that came from. January 1, 2019 marks a major event – and no, it’s not just another chance to make good on resolutions. Sure, you can save money, organize your home and lose all…

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The color of the future

living coral

As we settle in for the cozy Christmas season and prepare for winter holidays with family, some among us are already focused on next year. They’re telling us about tax changes, predicting weather and economic patterns, and most importantly, selecting the official color of the year for 2019. In case you haven’t heard, the Pantone…

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The right fit may be a misfit

hiring the right fit

When searching for the perfect candidate, accounting firms almost invariably talk about finding someone with the right fit in addition to the required complement of professional skills. What does “fit” really mean? While it varies to a degree between firms, most people are hoping to find a talented professional who will match the existing team’s…

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Alexa’s getting brain augmentation

Alexa Yext

Amazon is making a move that could strengthen your firm’s presence inside millions of kitchens and living rooms. Today the company announced a relationship with Yext, Inc. that will change the way Amazon’s popular digital assistant, Alexa, receives and delivers information about local businesses. Until now, Alexa has drawn on information gathered from Yelp to…

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How to Keep Your Firm from Becoming the Next Equifax

Ah, Equifax. If there’s one brand you don’t want to be right now, it’s probably that one. Not only is it suffering plummeting stock value and the ire of millions of consumers (143 million of them, to be exact) but the company also faces numerous lawsuits, an investigation by Congress and a very expensive cleanup…

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Net Neutrality Matters for Your Firm

Net neutrality is one of those boring topics that it’s easy to tune out, but here’s why you shouldn’t. The way this issue is decided by the FCC could have a significant impact on your firm’s online presence, and on how much it costs you to maintain a positive experience for those who access your…

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Handling a Death Within the Firm

Originally published on accountingtoday.com Death and taxes. It’s an accepted truth that we’ve all got to deal with these two issues, and for taxes we have CPAs to tell us what to do. Death, however, is less straightforward in almost every aspect. What’s more, it’s a taboo topic in many contexts, leaving us even less…

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Who Wants to Go to Tonga?

Every four years, the world comes together to enjoy a satisfying bout of naked athletic international competition. No, no, no, not anymore. They’re clothed sporting events these days, although in the early days of the tradition nudity was involved. As of this past Friday evening though, a surprising number of viewers find themselves pondering the…

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