Making the case for case studies


Case studies are among the most valuable tactics an accounting firm can adopt to enhance marketing. They’re often treated as nice extras to be added at some vague date in the future, but that’s a mistake. A well-written case study comes across as authentic, relatable, and highly readable. Even one case study gives such veracity…

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6 ways to use video on your website


Video is good for SEO. That’s a well-supported fact that most firm leaders recognize by now. What they often don’t see is how to use video naturally and effectively, so that it supports and complements other content. Sure, there’s the ubiquitous “Welcome to the firm” video on the homepage, but beyond that many site owners…

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The secret life of ink


If you’re in one of the professional services, you probably don’t think a lot about ink. You know – the stuff that fills pens and printer cartridges and seems to cost more than it should. Fun fact: you’re not imagining those exorbitant prices. Ounce for ounce, ink costs more than blood on the open market.…

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