6 ways to use video on your website


Video is good for SEO. That’s a well-supported fact that most firm leaders recognize by now. What they often don’t see is how to use video naturally and effectively, so that it supports and complements other content. Sure, there’s the ubiquitous “Welcome to the firm” video on the homepage, but beyond that many site owners…

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What to expect from Google’s redesigned Search Console

Google search console changes

For years, site managers have relied on Google Search Console to monitor and improve their websites’ performance on the world’s most popular search engine. The information there includes search metrics, reports on site indexing by Google’s web crawlers, and all kinds of other helpful tidbits. Google made significant alterations and expansions to this console during…

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For a website that stands out, look beyond Avada

wordpress theme

As the New Year picks up steam, many accounting firms begin considering a website refresh. That means, if history is any guide, that we’ll soon be seeing a fresh batch of WordPress sites built on the Avada theme. Not that the project is likely to get underway soon – with tax season just about to…

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Google clarifies review policy

client reviews

Glowing reviews from clients are something every business values and appreciates. Even when the reviews aren’t so glowing, web users are glad to hear the perspective of previous clients and customers who have interacted with the business. Savvy web users know to take all reviews – both good and bad – with a grain of…

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SEO for accounting firms is more than keywords

page rank

Ranking high in online search results is one of the primary marketing goals for businesses of every kind. As the largest and most frequently used search engine, Google decides who makes the cut and who’s relegated to the lower recesses of search listings, never to be found by most users. And since Google assigns page…

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17 Naked celebrities! Or: What Google really wants

Google algorithm update

Has your website shown a sudden improvement in page rank? If so, you may be one of the beneficiaries of Google’s most recent algorithm update. Like the changes in March and April of this year, this is a broad core algorithm update that tweaks page ranking data in order to deliver better search results. In…

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5 keys to a professional bio that helps you stand out

professional bio

You’ve worked hard to design an attractive website, described your services clearly, and even added testimonials or case studies that let visitors hear what real clients think of your firm. What’s still missing? Your professional bio, of course! Bio pages are an important part of your online presence, and they get a surprising amount of…

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Exclude internal site traffic to generate meaningful analytics

Most accounting firms monitor their site traffic using Google Analytics, but is the data you’re seeing as valuable as it could be? The information you seek is, in almost all cases, focused on the way potential and current clients are using your website. How many visitors are you getting, and on which pages? How long…

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Polly want an audio blog?

If you’ve been toying with the idea of adding an audio blog or other audio content to your WordPress website, you’ve now got an easy and cheap-to-free way to do it: Amazon Polly. Polly is a new service from Amazon that lets you create life-like speech based on written content, and there’s a WordPress plugin you can…

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