Don’t hide your strength – promote it!

accounting marketing

Few CPAs are true generalists. Far more commonly, accounting professionals and their firms are broadly competent but take a deep dive into one or more areas of special focus. Many choose to keep this niche knowledge under wraps, fearing that identifying as an expert in this area will limit their appeal to potential clients who…

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5 keys to a professional bio that helps you stand out

professional bio

You’ve worked hard to design an attractive website, described your services clearly, and even added testimonials or case studies that let visitors hear what real clients think of your firm. What’s still missing? Your professional bio, of course! Bio pages are an important part of your online presence, and they get a surprising amount of…

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Clients are the true content experts

choosing blog topics

When it’s time to create blog content, professional service firms are often at a loss. How can you generate ideas and determine appropriate topics to ensure that your content is read and valued? It’s easy to get hung up here, but there’s a readily available source of expertise with all the guidance you need: your…

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