5 pairs of words that practically beg for misuse

confusing words

In writing, mistakes are inevitable. That doesn’t make them any less regrettable or embarrassing though, especially when they’re preventable. Often, the most troublesome words closely resemble others that may or may not be related but are definitely distinct. In the interest of helping business writers avoid some of the most common errors, here are five…

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Where the C-suite goes for content


You hear a lot of marketing advice designed to help you get your firm’s message out. Building a strong brand and increasing general awareness of the firm is always a good thing, but putting your content in front of decision-makers’ eyes is what you’re really after. A new survey by Greentarget examines the content habits…

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English expands again


All modern languages are alive, in that they grow and change as a response to the way their speakers use them. English, as the most widely spoken language on earth today, expands at a rapid clip. While it’s easy to observe these changes first-hand, we can also look to the dictionaries for notice because they…

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Google clarifies review policy

client reviews

Glowing reviews from clients are something every business values and appreciates. Even when the reviews aren’t so glowing, web users are glad to hear the perspective of previous clients and customers who have interacted with the business. Savvy web users know to take all reviews – both good and bad – with a grain of…

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