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Archive for September 2017

What About You?

Your firm has an About page on your website – every firm does – but have you ever really pondered what it says about you? An About page is akin to a professional bio, introducing readers to the firm as an entity rather than focusing on a single individual. Like bio pages, these are critically…

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How to Keep Your Firm from Becoming the Next Equifax

Ah, Equifax. If there’s one brand you don’t want to be right now, it’s probably that one. Not only is it suffering plummeting stock value and the ire of millions of consumers (143 million of them, to be exact) but the company also faces numerous lawsuits, an investigation by Congress and a very expensive cleanup…

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Net Neutrality Matters for Your Firm

Net neutrality is one of those boring topics that it’s easy to tune out, but here’s why you shouldn’t. The way this issue is decided by the FCC could have a significant impact on your firm’s online presence, and on how much it costs you to maintain a positive experience for those who access your…

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