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Video is good for SEO. That’s a well-supported fact that most firm leaders recognize by now. What they often don’t see is how to use video naturally and effectively, so that it supports and complements other content. Sure, there’s the ubiquitous “Welcome to the firm” video on the homepage, but beyond that many site owners draw a blank or even worry that video will detract from existing content.

Video should not and does not supplant the other content that the firm has worked so hard to create. Text and images are always important and necessary; their value isn’t diminished in the least by the addition of thoughtfully planned video content. But since individual preferences vary so widely, it makes sense to let site visitors access information in a variety of formats.

So where can you include video? There are countless places on an accounting firm website where video is not only appropriate, but helpful. The virtual interaction with a human allows firms to take the anxiety out of fear-inspiring topics, address complex issues in a straightforward manner, and bring the spark of passion that isn’t always easy to communicate through text alone. Consider these ideas for your next foray into video content:

  1. Client walkthroughs – What can clients expect the first time they meet with a CPA at your firm? How would you like clients to prepare, label and submit documents? Video allows you to walk clients and potential clients through all manner of processes, giving them added confidence and increasing the likelihood that they’ll meet your expectations (and vice versa). A short video is perfect for giving instructions and answering basic questions clients frequently ask.
  2. Industry updates – One of your primary marketing goals is demonstrating thought leadership in your niche. Video is a great way to share breaking news in the industries you serve and explain how those changes may affect clients in that industry. Even (or especially) if they’ve heard the news elsewhere, clients will appreciate learning your thoughts on how the news relates to their own businesses.
  3. Topical expertise – From tax strategy to succession planning, the expertise you bring to clients tends to center around complex issues that inspire a degree of anxiety. A simple explanation of how to begin thinking about the topic, what to expect, and strategies to make them as painless as possible can go a long way to alleviating stress. As a result, clients may be more willing to tackle issues they’ve put off the next time they meet with you.
  4. Case studies – Adding a “live” person and a real face to case studies makes them even more effective than they already are. If the client wants to remain anonymous, as many do, that’s no problem. Seeing partners and associates that handled the work explain the challenges, solutions, and results still gives viewers a real feel for what it’s like to work with the firm and a concrete grasp of the benefits they could enjoy by choosing you.
  5. Careers – Reading about your firm culture and sense of team spirit is one thing; seeing an actual associate talk about their experiences as part of the firm is quite another. Having a “live” face and voice can bring the content on your Careers pages into the realm of real life. Whether it’s a partner, associate, intern or support staff, video interviews with a current team member make it easy to connect with job seekers on a personal level and inspire action.
  6. Community involvement – Fundraising runs, youth outreach, board service … today’s top firms are rightfully proud of the many ways they support the communities they serve. Video is a fantastic way to capture the camaraderie of the experience as well as the passion it inspires in team members. And hearing from the people whose lives are touched by the firm’s efforts makes it more meaningful for participants and viewers alike.

Used properly, video is much more than an SEO tool. It helps you translate everything that makes your firm such a special place into a language everyone can understand: the unmistakable sparkle of real people who care about what they’re doing.

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Sarah Warlick

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